The Corso (Sisters in preparation for Perpetual Vows) Speak

Good and unique experience always remains fresh in our minds and gives joy to our hearts and sentiments each time we recall and remember it. Here we want to share with you our experiences during our Corso in Rome. It was indeed a memorable experience and will keep refreshing our spiritual and apostolic life as a Daughter of St. Paul each time we think and remember it. We are really enriched by the course which was on different themes based on all levels of our Pauline life.It broadened our knowledge on our charism and our spirituality. The pilgrimage to different places of our origin especially to Alba touched the core of our hearts and gave rise to love: love for our Founder and Co-Foundress. Let us hear from each one’s experiences.
Graceful Moments
Being in Italy for few months in preparation for my perpetual profession was one of the great blessings of God in my life. It was an eye opener for me. Now I can say that I have discovered the hidden treasure of the Pauline Family. This hidden treasure is Jesus Master himself, The Way, The Truth and The Life.
This beautiful Charism and spirituality is given to us through our founder and father Bl. James Alberione who received this great gift in the form of great light. Accepting this great gift with gratefulness he invites all his daughters and sons to live this Charism with great love and enthusiasm. So during this period of intense prayer and preparation I discovered the meaning of our Pauline Spirituality. It means the intense living the life of Jesus Master and pass it on to the other.
Jesus is the Truth for my mind (thinking, reasoning). So it needs to be nourished everyday through reading the Word of God, the documents of the church etc. with great devotion and love and discover the meaning for myself and live my life in the presence of God. Jesus is the Way for my will. It needs to be strengthened everyday by invoking the Spirit of God. So that I may live and act as Jesus has revealed himself. Jesus is the Life for my heart. So it needs to be sanctified every moment in order to let Jesus to live in my heart, in this way my heart becomes the living temple and moving tabernacle of God himself.
I pray that I may be able to live this experience all through my life deeply. So that I can say like St. Paul, “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me”.
Sr Archana Lakra
Morning Dawn
I can never thank the Lord enough for the great opportunity to visit the city of Alba. This beautiful little town is very special to my heart, because at the heart of this city is our Pauline root where our congregation was conceived and was born, so too all of us the members of the Pauline Family. This is the place where a century back the Charism of the Pauline family was unveiled to our founder.
The Italian word “Alba” meaning in English the “morning dawn”, the time of sun rising with new vigour and great hope, dispelling the darkness of the night. The very name of the town itself makes me reflect personally. It has a great meaning for me. Through our Pauline family it was a real sun rising for the world, as it is born to dispel the darkness of the minds through our apostolate.
For me the visit to Alba was indeed a holy visit. It is no longer heard stories but I experienced it for myself being there seeing everything with my naked eyes with wonder and love. This visit took me back to 1915 and helped me reflect on the journey of faith our first members have done. So this pilgrimage has made me to fall in love with our Charism, our founder Blessed James Alberione and Co-Foundress Mother Thecla more.
I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to visit Alba and to learn many beautiful things especially through the example of our first members of the Pauline family. I pray to God through the intercession of our Pauline saints that our congregations may be blessed and we may be true Paulines like them.
Sr Archana Lakra

My Experience in Rome and as Corso
The experience began in the Holy City of Rome in Italy, the same city from which our founder sent Daughters of St. Paul as missionaries to grow and flourish in different nations and countries throughout the world. We spent one month in Rome, and then we were sent for 3 ½ months to different communities in the Italian Province to learn the language. We were warmly welcomed in all the communities. Indeed, the sisters had been waiting for our arrival and were happy to see young sisters.
It was truly a blessing for me to have the opportunity to stay in the community of Milano. Even though the sisters were all above 60 and 70 plus they were hard-working, active, joyous, and committed in the apostolate. Their total dedication and love for the mission inspired me and I also learned many other good things. They treated us as members of the community, and we received so much love, concern, and encouragement. They gave us extra care and looked after us very well. I appreciate their exemplary lives. My experience of visiting to the different communities was memorable. I was happy to see the sisters who have worked hard for the good of the congregation. I was inspired to see them though they are old now but still giving helping hand wherever it is needed.
I was happy being with the sisters who have lived with, seen, and experienced Founder and Co-Foundress, and we were happy to listen to their stories. I could see in them the joy of being Daughters of St. Paul. All these experiences made me to ask myself “who am I?” and “how am I?” and I have very good experiences and sweet memories.
I am grateful to God and the Congregation for giving me this opportunity of attending the Corso in Italy.It’s a great blessing for me to have all these different experiences. And as part of the Corso, we were able to visit many other places. My stay in Italy was an enriching experience; it has helped me to know various aspects of religious life and our Pauline Charism. As a whole coming to Rome gave me a unique experience. I am contented with the classes and I feel satisfied with the topics which were treated and those who came for the classes were well prepared. From every class there was something to learn. My Corso in Rome gave me an enriching experience and opportunities for my spiritual and personal growth. It has helped me to grow in the Pauline spirit and to know our Founder and Co-Foundress better. During these four months of Corso I have deepened my relationship with the Lord and grow in my vocation to religious life.
I am grateful to God and our Mother General and the councilors and my province for giving me many opportunities especially to make my Corso in Rome. And besides the course we were able to visit many other places, especially we were there to see the new Pope, and other ecclesial events. My stay in Italy was an enriching experience and I gained a lot for my life. All these experiences are God’s blessings for me and I thank God for the gift of my vocation to the Daughters of St. Paul. This period of Corso which was conducted in an international level has helped me to appreciate the different cultures and see the beauty of each culture. It was also an opportunity to widen my mind and heart to know the world and to know one another from different parts of the world. It creates in me a universal heart.
Sr.Ansila Dungdung
Thank You
I am really grateful to God and to the Congregation for this big gift in my life. My every experience in Rome during the course has its own color and taste. Our short stay in different communities for learning the language was full of inspirations for me. The commitments and the love of the sisters for the apostolate were amazing. I can see St Paul alive in them.
Our teachers during the course were not just “a teacher” who only imparted their knowledge to us but they were great inspirers to us as they all share with us something that is ‘in’ them, their faith, their experiences, and their love to be a Pauline. I see in them a real and a true ‘Paulineness’. Even among ourselves our daily talks at the table or on a walk were always on the topic of the classes which we were having or on our anxieties for our mission and how we carry out in our own country and the challenges that we are facing etc.Our interactions among ourselves were indeed an insight and inspiration to one another. I have realized how deep is our spirituality and how spiritual is our apostolate. I felt we are indebted to the richness of our Charism. I was also touched by some of our sisters who really feel that we must share our Charism with others.
Our Pilgrimages to our original places are unforgettable. They were not just beautiful but inspiring and a heartfelt experience. I experienced a deep joy and happiness within me especially when we were at our Mother Thecla’s house and Bl. James Alberione’s house; I felt the vibration of sacredness in the whole campus. I did pray for all of you dear sisters. I am really content and happy with the course we had in Rome. Once again thank you dear SrAncy and Team and to you all dear sisters for this opportunity and your prayers. May God bless all of us through the intercessions of Mother Thecla and Bl. James Alberione.
Sr. Naomi Ngade

Unforgettable experience

I am grateful to God and the congregation for all the opportunities and the chances given to me during my formative journey. And it was indeed a great privilege, gift and blessing to have the Corso in Rome, our Congregation’s Mother land and with the international group. My heart filled with joy and gratitude when I recalled back the months that I had spent in this land. Indeed I had a very beautiful and enriching experience during our Corso in Rome. I felt that every day was something very unique and special and the different classes on different topics had doubled this unique experience. As a whole everything that was happened and programmed for us has helped me to enter into deep relationship and experience of God. It also created within me the love for our Mother Thecla, Bl. James Alberione, our Charism and the deeper understanding of our spirituality. To point out some of them:
 The visit to Alba our origin has touched the core of my heart, knowing the love that our Founder and Co-Foundress had for Jesus and the faith and trust in the grace and providence of God. I say to myself ‘I am just an instrument in the hand of God, if I do not allow Him to use me for His proclamation of His message, my life will have no meaning’. This visit has inspired me a lot to give myself fully and generously and with total dedication for the mission.
 The retreat on “DonecFormetur” inspired me to put to death my old nature of sin and to put on the new nature which is Christ himself and to let him live, think, work and love in me until I am transformed into His image.
God’s Miracle
I thank God and the Congregation for the opportunity that was given me, to go to Rome for the preparation of my final vows. For me it was a miracle in spite of the problems I faced with the passport. It was a grace-filled period which has made me to grow in my spiritual life and to know the beauty of the Pauline Charism.
I have lived those periods with lots of gratitude especially to God. In his great love He chose me to be his own. He gave me that opportunity through the Congregation so that I can grow and know his will for me. I also lived in an attitude of great openness and in a spirit of responsibility to learn from all aspects of Pauline life, the classes and studiosita.
It was very helpful for me to have the course for final vows there in Italy with an international group. Since we were from different nations and backgrounds, it has helped me to grow in the spirit of universality.
The visit to Alba the birth place of our congregation was very enriching. I was able to understand well how God raised our Pauline charism from a very simple and difficult background. I really felt that God has been with our Congregation from the beginning. This gave me a lot of courage. It also reminded me to trust in God always.
I thank Sr Ancy and her team for their prayer, concern and support. I also thank each sister of the communities who prayed for me and helped me to get my passport. May God bless each one of you.
Sr.Ranjita Kachua

Until Christ be Formed in You

We the 20 young and vibrant Paulines preparing to commit ourselves totally to the Divine Master made an eight days of retreat with the theme, “Until Christ be formed in you” guided by Rev Fr Guidossp.
We began our retreat with Col 3.1ff, an apt reading that introduced us to the theme of the retreat, “Far morire l’uomo vecchio e far vivere Gesu in noi” and reflect on who we are and where we want to reach and the ways and means to reach the goal (the project of life). The whole retreat was in fact a journey into oneself and to deepen our relationship with the Holy Trinity.
Our retreat master distributed the days accordingly to the three persons of the Trinity; the first day was to pray to the Holy Trinity and to enter into the retreat. The following two days were for God the Father (Glory to the Father), reflection on the Father helped us to understand in a deeper way God as a loving father, the creator and a father who waits for the return of his prodigal children. We were indeed fortunate to experience this mercy of the Father though the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The following three days were dedicated to the Son (Glory to the Son), these days helped us to find the treasure (Jesus) in our lives and be ready to sell everything in order to make this treasure our own. As we continued our reflection we had a day of fast and the vigil with the Eucharistic Master. The vigil was very special as we were told to listen to Jesus speaking to us and never to leave the chapel without a message from Him. The last two days were the days of intense spiritual work as we with the grace and prayer to the Holy Spirit prepared our project of life which was offered to Jesus during the thanksgiving mass on the last day and which came to us back blessed.
The retreat was indeed a unique experience, the days of grace and blessing for each one of us, days that will ever be cherished in our lives. It was not only a retreat to prepare for our perpetual profession but a retreat to prepare us to face life as media apostles. We have learned that we are to nourish ourselves with Christ who is the source of our being at his school in prayer, that prayer is the only way to face life with its challenges. We pray that this experience will always be our source of strength and energy as we say our total ‘yes’ to Him.
Sr Mary Suba
Faith in God
I would like to share some of my experiences which I had during the intense period of my Corso in Rome. First of all I thank God for the gift of our Founder Bl. James Alberione and Co-Foundress Mother TheclaMerlo for their deep faith in God which also helped me to grow in holiness and follow their example in my day today life.The different classes helped me to know more about the beginning of our congregation and new mission in the church which I was unaware.

I really felt the presence of our Founder and Co-Foundress when we visited the holy places of their birth and where they were baptised. I had a very deep experience and I became aware of their greatness of their holiness and deep faith in God. As a whole I can say that I have learned many new things and it has widened my knowledge in carrying out our apostolate in different ways. I thank all of you dear sisters for your prayers.

Sr Sumitra Parmar

Thank you dear Sr. Ancy John, our provincial and Team and all the Sisters of the province,for this great privilege and opportunity you have given us.We are grateful for your constant support and prayers during our Corso in Rome.


Corso 2012

The ‘Corso’ or the Course in Preparation for Perpetual Profession was organized in Rome this year from January 20th – May 20th  2012.  We were seven Indians among 25 other juniors coming from 14 nations.  For two months the English speaking juniors had  Italian classes at the Generalate by  an Italian teacher. After two months we were sent to the branch houses in twos or threes to continue the Italian lessons for another four months. The Spanish and French speaking juniors came directly to the branch houses. We also lent a helping hand in the household chores and in the book centres.

 We began the course at Tor San Lorenzo with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration and the introductory address by Sr. Antonieta Bruscato our Superior General. Apart from the daily classes, we had personal reflection, prayers, group discussions and presentations.  It was very enriching to share and exchange our community and apostolic experiences, our fears and challenges, hopes and aspirations with other Juniors of  our group from various parts of the world.  We had light moments of togetherness like the cultural night, the presentations of each of our respective delegation or province. This was very interesting and informative; it opened us to the realities of our congregation worldwide.

The pilgrimages to the different Churches and sacred places connected to the origins of our Congregation were faith experiences that strengthened our vocation. We have read and heard several times about all these places during our formation and seen pictures of it but being present there was altogether another story. The silent walls, the very environment of the places gave us a personal experience. I marvelled at what God had accomplished in and through our Founder Bl. James Alberione and the entire Pauline family. All the classes we had were interesting and helpful but what I found most inspiring were the personal testimonies given by five senior members from different congregations of the Pauline Family. They radiated simplicity, faith, joy and authenticity in all their persons and speech.

The retreat in preparation for the Final Profession was based on the “Donec Formetur  Christus in  Vobis” and was truly a unique one.

Recalling back the past months of preparation for the final profession, our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy. We thank Sr. Ancy and team for giving us the opportunity to make our ‘Corso’ in Rome.

Sr. Salome, Mumbai