They Youngest ones Visit the Elderly…

We the aspirants were sent to our elderly sisters to listen to their vocation story and their mission apostolate in the congregation. We were divided into four groups and each group went to our four sisters to listen to them and to be with them on second Sunday of October and that is Sr. Alice,

Sr. Scolastica, Sr. Maria Theresa and Sr. Paula. It was really a good experience for all of us. We are happy to share with you all about our experience with our elderly sisters who inspire us by their work and their life.

Visit to Sr. Alice

Sr. Alice entered the convent in 1958 and she made her first profession in 1961.When she was

sr alice and aspirants

Aspirants visit Sr Alice

in class V her mother passed away. When she was in 10th Standard she failed, she appeared for the exam again and then she joined the convent, and became  a Daughter of St. Paul. One of her brothers died in 1996 and now she has a brother and a sister. I was inspired when She said that she likes reading; this because I too like reading books about Saints. She is happy that God has given her such a beautiful life and she said that her vocation is a gift from God.

By Sabnam, Jasmin, Saroj, Anusha


Visit to Sr.Scholastica:


Aspirants visit Sr Scholastica

What inspired me is this; if Sr. Scholastica had not joined the convent then the Daughters of St. Paul may not be flourishing as it is now. She left her house ,brothers and sisters to become the apostle of Christ .She give all her life to God, through lots of sufferings and hardships, she met but she did not give up still continue to spread the word of God to the people. Her patience and hard work makes the mission grow and increase day by day. Even now I can see her enthusiasm in the mission for she never sits idle. Above all, she is prayerful; she gives me good example to love God, to be patience, and to do everything for the glory of God. Thank you!

Ranisha Marwein.

After listening  to Sr. Scholatica’s story  I was inspired by her and I am proud of Sr. Scholastic because she is the first sister in our congregation and she told me to always pray the novena and also to Our Lady of glory.

By Sabnam, Priyadarshini

Sr. Scholastica lived in Vile parle (called Villa parlla at that time). It seems her mother promised to God that if she gives birth to a baby girl she would offer to Him. Her mother passed away when she was three years old and from then on her grandparents looked after her. She joined the Daughters of St. Paul in 1951 after her father’s marriage to another woman. She was the first Indian sister and those days there were no sufficient things even to eat.  She was sent to Rome, Italy for her postulancy and novitiate. She was kind though she faced lot of trouble. Sr. Scolastica work very hard and she says that we should not say that we cannot do. If we think or say that we cannot do then we cannot do. So we must always learn to say that we can. I believe that Sr Scholastica  persevered in her vocation up to this stage because she did whatever she could . Like her I must also work very hard. I must persevere if I face trouble I must fight with patience and persevere till the end. I am grateful to Sr. Scolastica for her courage to say yes to God’s call. She said that when they heard that our founder Blessed James Albrione was visiting the community of Mumbai, some of our sisters told her that he may tell Sr. Scolatica  to go home for she has no vocation. Instead our founder told her to stay she has seen our founder and foundress I am very proud of her because she is the first vocation of the daughters of St. Paul from India her love for the Congregation and for me she is the model for my life. Her faith in God was so strong, she was very prayerful.

 By Chanchal,Nirma,Priya Deepti,Snigdha,Manjula,Beena,Marina,Anusha

Visit to Sr. Paola

I was inspired by Sr. Paola because she offered her life for God and our Indian people. When she was asked to return back to Philippines she told her provincial that as she has given her life to India she wants to die also in India. She told me that she was very smart she loves our mission very much and she worked very hard for our apostolate. She makes us laugh, she is still strong and active at her old age , and always has a smiling face. I was also inspired by her sharing how our earlier sister’s  hard work and sacrificed for our congregation. I was touched when she told many problems faced while traveling for our mission from place to place.

She was really a great missionary; it was very hard for all of them she added. In the beginning when she joined there was no house of our own, no food to eat but they were very happy and had great faith in God. She loves our apostolate very much and her mission was very fruitful by their hard work. Every day she could go to the apostolate and praying for our Indian mission and she felt that she was very close to Jesus. They offered whole-heartedly for the congregation. So we also should love our apostolate like our sisters and have great faith in God, surrender our lives to him and to be patience in our sufferings.

By Beena, Sabnam, Anita, Anusha

Sr. Paola’s mother died 4months after her birth, so she faced lot of problems in her life and study. When she was working in the convent, God called her to work for His people and she responded .She lived such a beautiful life and she inspired me when she said that she will face lot of difficulties and sadness but I will follow Jesus.

Aspirants Visit Sr Paola

Aspirants Visit Sr Paola

By Anupa

Sr. Paola asked me why I like our apostolate I told her that I like our apostolate because in this apostolate we do different work everyday. We need to do with concentration because if we make a mistake then all those who read our books will read a thing, that’s why we do the work with much prayer and concentration .Sr.Paula told me to say Rosary even when we went up and down the stare without thinking useless thoughts, do good to others that they may live happily.

By Irma and Ancila

After the first profession, Sr.Paola asked the superior to send to the country where there are pluralistic religions and she was sent to India the beginning when she came to India she has to work very hard. she like to meet people and talk to them about our mission. She told us that when we go out to sell books ‘you all must talk to them about our mission and the important of reading books because they will forget to read so you should never forget to speak about it. When Sr. Paola went for holidays her provincial asked to remain in Philippines but she refused and told her that she would love to die in India because she had spent all her younger days for the people of India.

By Anusaya

 Visit to Sr.Maria Theresa

She joined the Congregation in1959. She is from Mangalore (Kundapur), she joined the congregation after her 10th Standard she is 77 years old. Now she is sick but everyday early in the morning she gets up and joining us for prayer. Sr. Maria Theresa is a very prayerful person, She says, all the four mysteries of Rosaries every day, also makes so many nice rosaries. She said that she also likes cooking, I was inspired by her sharing that she would pray rosary while she was going up and down the stairs when she was in formation like me instead of making useless noise and thinking useless thoughts. She told us to do good to others that they may live happily. She was kept in the for two years in the kitchen and four years in the studio. That means whatever work you get do with love and happiness. After meeting her I am very happy because she told us that nothing is impossible for us, if we want, we can do any work for Jesus and she said never forget to thank Jesus. We need to have courage to say yes, this is the only way we can serve God. I like her ways of doing apostolate and prayer. I like this congregation because I love you Jesus.

Supritha and Pinky

Sr. Maria Theresa inspired me when she said that she went home for holidays after 8 years of joining the convent, she told us that first of all you have to pray well and come close to our mother Mary if you want to become a good Daughter of St. Paul. Day and night we need to say the Rosary she told us that whatever work you do though it may be small or big you must do with happiness and be happy what you do. I was inspired by her way of life and the hard work that she does. I realized that without hard work we cannot succeed in life and whatever we do we must do for Jesus, everything for God and offer to him. In our life we will face many difficulties and problems but we must be ready to fight for it.

By Prishila

Sr. Maria Theresa told us that for a religious prayer life is very important. We have to be very honest with the Lord .During your adult people might go here and there without having in life but we should not do like that way. We have to be courageous in answering his call and we have to think only Jesus and we have to be happy always. This is the only way we can serve God; I was inspired by these words.
By Sabita

Sr. Maria is a prayerful person, when she finished her first profession she was put in charge of cooking in the kitchen for two years. She likes apostolate and those days there were no machine, so they had to work very hard and do well in everything. But now days there are machines and also helpers but still we need to work hard and with love in the apostolate. She told us that Rosary prayer is very important for our life, that’s why we need to pray Rosary everytime.One of her intelligence work is to making a beautiful rosary and giving others to pray even though she is sick and old. I do wish to learn to make Rosary as she does.

By Susanna Pais




Pre-postulants share about their community experiences


Community Experience in Vasai

During our holidays we had gone for the community experience to various houses. It was the happiest time for three of us to be in Vasai. We, Joyly, Rubi and Aruna Paola reached Vasai on the 3rd of May. The community welcomed us joyfully. Though initially there were some inconveniences we  adjusted  fast and were very happy to be of help to the sisters.

It was our first community experience and we were helping with the household duties, and in the book centre. We were also taking turns for the liturgy. We enjoyed being with the sisters. We appreciate all the sisters for being good, loving, caring and encouraging us to take part in all the community activities. Those who come to the book centre we served them joyfully. We really felt that we are serving the Lord through our book centre specially when they took bibles, spiritual books, CDs, VCDs etc. We are grateful to Srs. Gloria and Ivy for their guidance in the apostolate. We learned many things from Srs. Apparajitha and Aminah about propaganda. We are grateful to Srs. Stella and Virginia for their generosity and guidance in the community work.

On the 13th of June for the fest of St. Antony we went to pray in a family where many people had come. Then on Saturdays of the month of June we went to display our books in Remedy parish and we were happy to serve the people who came to our stall. In two months we learned a lot for our lives and time went fast. It was a happy experience for us and we will remember it always.

 Students – Rubi, Joyly& Aruna Paola



Community experience in Secunderabad

We started our journey from Nagpur to Secunderabad on 29th of April in the morning and reached in the evening at 7.30 pm. Sr. Vincent had come to take us from the railway station. When we reached home Sr. Tara the superior of the community welcomed us warmly and then all the sisters together welcomed us in the refectory during supper with their smiling faces and by clapping their hands.
During our stay in Secunderabad we learned many things; such as serving the people in the book centre and how to welcome people in the centre when they enter in, how to speak to them etc. We were happy when people used to take books because we know that we are giving Jesus’ love to them. Sometimes we used to make mistakes and sisters used to correct us. Whenever we had the turn for prayer, Sr. Theresa used to help us to prepare our prayer. We used to play Uno with the sisters and we really enjoyed the community living.
By living in the community with the sisters we came to know the real life of the sisters. They live like one family. So we had a very good experience of everything. In the community of Secunderabad all the sisters are like angels.
Thank you dear sisters for your prayers and support. We are really strengthened in our Pauline vocation.
Nayami Nayak and Mini Majhi, Pre- postulants
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Sr Grazia Vaz passes away

On 25th April, on the Feast of St. Mark, our dear Sr. Grazia said good bye to us. It was a day which brought us Daughters of St Paul, specially the Bandra Community, a shock and deep sadness, to know that after two sisters had passed away in the month of March, one more sister within a month is leaving us for her eternal reward. I had sent you a message on 11th April saying that Sr. Grazia began to show signs of declining health, her haemoglobin was low, and she had infection all over the body. The chemotherapy could not be continued and she was taken to Holy family for the transfusion of blood, for she had reached the 4th stage tumour of the urinary tract.  Sr. Grazia had a very peaceful death although she suffered intensely.

After the documents of sr Grazia  was ready, she was taken to the Bhaba hospital morgue until the 27th  morning around 7.00 am  when she  was brought back and placed in our chapel.  Not a minute passed when prayers were not said or hymns sung, in order that the ambience be almost like the one she was approaching – that of heaven. As soon as the body was placed in our Chapel we prayed again as a community the Office for the Dead.

The funeral Eucharist began at 9.00 am and the Chapel was overflowing with the relatives and well-wishers of our dear sister, and of the Congregation in general, including members of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master and the Society of St Paul. Rev Fr George Kaitholil, the Vice Provincial of SSP presided over the Eucharist and in his homily he highlighted the aspect of hope and trust so beautifully and powerfully.  Truly Sr Grazia was privileged to be led through a carriage of prayers of the Pauline Family who were far from lacking on this day. Her face was looking very peaceful and radiant. Sr. Vimala gave short introduction about Sr Grazia and Sr. Ancy John proposed the vote of thanks in which she also testified about Sr Grazia’s life. The choir helped us all to praise God using our voices melodiously. Before the Eucharist ended, the Funeral Rites were carried out by Fr Michael Raj, the Provincial Superior of SSP in the Chapel itself and closed the coffin, suggested by Mr. Elroy the funeral undertaker, due to extreme heat.

Two buses were arranged to proceed to the Sewri Cemetery for the burial. The grave was blessed by Fr. K. V. Sebastian SSP and while an appropriated song was being played, and all showering petals of roses and other flowers, the coffin was lowered down into to the grave. The wreaths and candles were then arranged on the grave beautifully at the end of the entire proceeding.

Sr Grazia was a person of prayer, she believed in the Lord, who promised his continuous assistance. She worked hard and taught her successors to love the work and motivated them, whether they were our young ones in formation, young sisters in various communities or the co-workers in the Catholic Enquiry Centre; she was a great teacher, for she really put her heart and mind into the responsibility entrusted to her, by using all her talents and creativities in whatever work she was called to carry out.

She was a person who readily made friends and collaborated with others, she was always striving to do the greatest good possible, inspired by the promise of Jesus Master, which echoed powerfully in the depths of her heart: “Do not be afraid. I am with you always.”

Sr Grazia’s brother-in law, her nephews, niece and their families, were present for the funeral. There were also sisters from the communities of Ahmedabad, Goa, Mangalore, Nagpur, and Secunderabad, besides the sisters from Borivli and Vasai. There were also several relatives of our sisters who participated in the funeral Mass as well as accompanied the body to the Cemetery.

The Lord visited Sr Grazia and called her for her eternal reward and the memory of her lingers in our minds ever fresh and we keep her in our prayers.

She was truly a Pauline apostle who offered her life in dedicated service of the Word with great love and zeal. May she obtain for our Province all the graces needed for our life and mission.

Sr. Ancy John fsp