BTh completed at JDV

The three years of being away from the community was a long time indeed, but at the same time these years went by so fast that I hardly realize that my studies are over.

My time spent at JnanaDeepa-Vidyapeeth, Pune has been very educative and formative dorothyfor me, indeed a wonderful time of learning. The subjects taught during the years have opened my eyes and broadened my outlook towards everything—scripture, religion, culture, many other things and life itself. Moreover, my personal involvement in the subjects taught in the class rooms as well as other non-formal activities has contributed to my growth as a person and as a Pauline religious. 

I am very grateful to the province for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do my B.Th. Though it was challenging in many ways it has its own reward. Now that I am back in the community, I am really glad to insert myself in the activities where I can integrate my learnings. The absence from the active mission life has made me appreciate the apostolate even more and I am eager to recommit myself to this beautiful apostolate in every way possible.

‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel’ Is 52:7, has become more significant and sweeter.


Dorothy Adaha,fsp



Internet Safety Tips – Ensuring Online Safety for Your Family

From the session “Internet Safety Tips”, given by Sr Joeyanna D’Souza as shared by Mr George Fernandes, Pauline co-operator, Ahmedabad.

First educate yourself, then your chiAhmedabad Coop.ld.

Banning a child from certain sites may only motivate them to spend more time on them, whereas educating your child on how to keep safe will give them the tools they need to navigate their online world without being hurt; from not posting personal information to a site to understanding that people they are talking to may not actually be who they are. If the parents know the dangers themselves, this sets an example to the child to understand them as well.

Teach children the obvious identity rules.

Tell your children to avoid putting of themselves on the Internet or to give out their names, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information online.

Install an Internet filter or family safety software.

Family safety software is becoming extremely advanced and an effective way to filter dangerous content. Additionally, this software usually comes with tools like time management, remote monitoring and reporting, and keystroke recognition, giving families greater peace of mind and manageability.

Know the dangers associated with sites your children frequent.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whether it’s MySpace, Facebook or another social networking site, by knowing what people are doing on your children’s favorite sites that could put them in harm’s way, parents can educate their children and show them the warning signs of potentially dangerous situations.

Teach children what to do if they encounter pornography on a home or public computer, such as at a school or a library.

In a similar fashion to the fire warning of “stop, drop and roll,” you can teach children to quickly turn off power to the computer monitor and go to get an adult. This can prevent a child from attempting to stop the situation by clicking more buttons (and thereby spreading the attack and being exposed to more porn).

Manage your children’s time on the Internet.

Scheduling times when a child can be on the Internet and the amount they can be online ensures that you know when they are on the Internet and how long. By not allowing them to have free reign reduces their chances of being exposed to inappropriate content.

Set specific Internet guidelines for your children to live by and consistently enforce consequences, if they are not being followed.

Giving your children specific guidelines to follow will ensure they know where they stand when it comes to how they use the Internet as well as the consequences when they breach the rules. If a parent enforces consequences consistently, their children will be more likely to follow the rules.

Keep computers out of children’s bedrooms and in open areas.

With PCs in the open, children will be less inclined to view and access material that may not be acceptable.

Create a relationship with your child that is conducive to open communication.

Open communication and trust is extremely valuable. By letting children know what is expected from them and that their safety is a top priority, they will feel that if something happens –whether they are approached by a cyber stranger or bully or receive an inappropriate e-mail – they can approach a parent to resolve the issue without feeling they are in trouble.

Understand Internet Privacy Policies as they apply to your child.

What Parents Should Do:

Look for a privacy policy on any website directed to children.

The policy must be available through a link on the website’s homepage and at each area where personal information is collected from kids. Websites for general audiences that have a children’s section must post the notice on the homepages of the section for kids.

Read the policy closely to learn the kinds of personal information being collected, how it will be used, and whether it will be passed on to third parties. If you find a website that doesn’t post basic protections for children’s personal information, ask for details about their information collection practices.


Junior Sisters have a course in Media

We began our seminar drawing inspiration from our beloved Founder Bl. James Alberione, “Read the signs of the times”.

Sr. Mary Joseph Ponatt fsp gave us the input session on Church documents on communication, women in advertisement and films. Her session reawakened in us the importance of the positive approach of the Church towards media. As Paulines we need to constantly keep in mind the pastoral dimension of communication and importance of alternative media to proclaim the Gospel. She also emphasised the role of women in media, its culture, lifestyle and gender.

meda course bangalore

Juniors have a course in Media

Sr. Michelle Mathias fsp taught us on: Media and Alberione, Report and Feature writing, Film analysis, Internet its uses and abuses, Power point program, Photography, Media animation and Media at the service of the apostolate. All her classes were focused on the goal ofBl. JamesAlberione who recognised the natural capacity of the Media to permeate the lives of people and to reach large sections of society in every culture. He gave the Daughters of St Paul a specific mission of using the most effective and suitable means of communication available in each time and context to proclaim the Gospel. She was simple, informative, up to date, encouraging and convinced of what she was teaching. She also made the class interesting through power point presentation.

The input session which was imparted by Sr. Anna Asanai fsp was ‘Called to be media missionaries’ to know the importance of Radio, Newspaper analysis and Women in print media. It has brought awareness to look beyond the horizon and just not to be satisfied by remaining in our own comfort zone. She spoke with conviction presenting the present scenario of the society. Sr. Anna challenged us to be a “Catalysts” for change by becoming the person of integrity and credibility in life and mission. The session was very informative and motivating.

Through the entire course we have come to realization that we don’t just need a media at service….. But we need convincing, witnessing, media missionaries. That’s the essence of being Pauline.We sincerely thank our Srs. Mary Joseph, Michelle and Anna for sharing their valuable time and knowledge with us.

The get-together concluded with the group evaluation headed by Srs. Mary Joseph and Vimala, which enabled us to express our experiences freely and in a sisterly way. Last but not the least we were empowered by Sr. Vimala with the various aspects on the importance of the Juniorate, our duties and serious task of forming ourselves during this period. We left the Benedictine Monastery, Bangalore very gratefully with good memories.

The Junior Sisters of the Indian Province

Holy Land Trip – My journey to faith-discovery

It was a long cherished dream come true in my life. I had always desired and dreamt of going to the Holy Land, and even my mother used to say I hope you all (my religious sisters) will have a chance to visit Holy Land, and I am hoping and praying for it. And when Fr Selva Rathinam our director of MBS in JDV told us that as Biblical students you will get a chance to go to Holy Land I was thrilled and overjoyed. I was waiting for November to come, so we can go to Holy Land. When the time arrived as if to test me I had a fall and my collarbone had a fracture. But my companions were too good to help me all the time and I can say they carried for me the luggage and helped me in all my needs. A special thanks and appreciation to them and may God bless them all abundantly.

The journey was from 7th November to 16th November. We went first to Mount Nebo- Moses’ Burial place- Moses saw the promised Land- 12 springs- the Abu Badd Stone. Then to Cana- and had the Holy Mass there. The next place was Nazereth- Annunciation Church- St Joseph’s workshop- marian devotion of different countires- Greek orthodox church, Mary’s well.

The Mount of Beatitudes, Church of multiplication of five loaves, (closed), Church of Primacy of St Peter, site of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus calmed the sea, walked over the water, prepared breakfast, asking Peter three times, “do you love me”?, Capernaum Synagogue, Peter’s mother in Law’s house, Peter’s House- church over Peter’s house, boating in the sea of Galilee, Peter’s fish for Lunch, Jordan river-baptismal place of Jesus, Mount  Tabor-Transfiguration Church, chapel of Moses, chapel of Elijah, via Maris, Jericho- Mt of Temptation, Mount of Olivet, Church of Ascension- Foot prints of Jesus, Pater Nostra church- Jesus taught “Our Father”, grave yard of Jews, Muslims, Christians- far sight of the city of Jerusalem, church of Dominus Flavitus- where Jesus wept looking at Jerusalem- the altar of the church is towards east to west, Mary Maglene Church( only saw from far), Gesthemene- olive tree where Jesus prayed, rock inside the church, where Jesus  prayed, Kidron Valley, Gehanna, David’s statue with the harp, Last supper Senacle, David’s Tomb, Mary’s tomb- Dormition Abbey.- place of the coming of the Holy Spirit, Shepherd’s Field- Bethelehem, Milk Grotto- drop of milk spilled while Mary fed infant Jesus, (tradition from the fourth century), Nativity church- place of the birth of Jesus were very heartwarming to see.Rosely 1 Rosely 2

We went on to visit still more holy places like, Stephaneus gate- through which Jesus was taken to the house of Antoneus, Caiphas, and for his Trial, Pool of Bethsaida- where Jesus healed the paralytic, church of St Ann- place where Mary was born (tradition), via Dolorosa- Mass in the Church of Flagalation, map of the journey of the cross, holy Sepelchure Church- 10th station on ward in the church, mount Calvary, rock , where Jesus body was washed and laid in the arms of Mary, burial and resurrection place- Holy Sepulcher, chapel of St Helena, where she found the true cross of Jesus, the rock of the Calvary, broke open at the time of the death of Jesus, wailing wall, Ain Karem- the Birth Place of John the Baptist, Bethany- the house of Martha, Mary , and Lazarus- olive press, the Church at Bethany, the Tomb of Lazarus, city of Jericho- the Sychamore tree on which Zacheus climbed, dead sea, Qumran caves, Taba boarder – Egypt, Sinai mount- the mountain top where Moses received 10 commandments, St Catherine Monastery, burning bush, well of Moses, golden calf, Suez canal- to the continent of Africa, Egyptian Museum, holy Family Church- tradition (where holy family stayed when they had ran away to Egypt), great pyramids, shop of perfume, papyrus shop and Nile Cruize.

Reflection: The most reflective places in the Holy Land were for me the Church of Cana, Nativity Church, Mount Nebo, Lazarus Tomb, Holy Sepulcher Church and The Burning Bush. In Cana during the Mass I prayed for all the couples especially of all our people at home and I too joined in thanking the Lord for the beautiful sacrament of marriage and all who renewed their vows on that day. The stone jar reminded me of the abundance of wine Christ provided for the couples, a life of love and joy in abundance.

 In the Nativity Church I realized how humble and simple I need to be in order to experience God and see him in my daily life. On Mount Nebo I reflected about Moses though a humble servant of God he was not able to reach the Promised Land. At times in my life to I may have wishes that are genuine yet it may not take place as I wish, I need to surrender fully to God and be happy with what life offers to me. At Bethany Lazarus was buried for 4 days, but faith in the resurrection brought him back to life. Christian death is a sleep, but resurrected life is eternal where I will live with God forever. Though divine, Jesus was crucified like a criminal and buried in a borrowed tomb. This tomb brings life and hope to many, who believes in him will have eternal life. It inspired me to think of the many who have laid down their life for others, the soldiers and the many leaders, who for others gave their life willingly. Am I able to give life to many? The burning bush was a symbol of God’s presence with me and with everyone. God is creatively active in the history and in the life of everyone. Though Moses tried to escape the responsibility God strengthened him in his call. So does God always strengthen me in my call.

I prayed for all of you as we journeyed on. I am very grateful to God and the provincial team for giving me this great gift of grace.

Sr. Rosely, Pune