An Inspiring Seminar at St Joseph’s College Nagpur

We the students of Nagpur community were indeed privileged ones to be a part of the seminar held at St. Joseph convent hall on the 9th September 2012 with the candidates of St. Joseph and brothers of Pillars Institute of Philosophy, we were 70 in number.

The main objective of the seminar was to give a response to God’s call and personality development.

The session was conducted by Mr. Gerald D’souza alone, he very clearly explained to us about God’s call and how to respond to His call. He also explained to us the views of perception. How often,  we look but we do not really see what exactly it is in connection with the team game that we had played by the different groups. There is a saying, “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.”

Yes, we r


ealized th
t if there is  team work we can make every impossible thing possible, he explained to us everything so that we can grow in unity. We thank God for this opportunity and we also thank Sr. Roveinai for encouraging us to attend the Seminar and her effort of been part in organizing this Seminar.a

Our Gratitude to Provincial Sr.Ancy John and Team, too .

Glavine, Nilima and Sangeeta

St. Ursula Students Nagpur

Voices from the Student Pre-Postulants, St Joseph’s , Nagpur

 “Experience is a child of thought and thought is a child of action.”

We the students of St. Joseph College B’ Block West Facing ,Balarina Joyly and Venci are glad to share with you all on our experiences in Nagpur. As we have come to Nagpur we are experiencing the openness and friendliness of our sisters here. They are caring, encouraging and guiding us to do well in every aspects and especially our Mistress who takes responsibility for us, she is always by our side, she leads us like a guiding star, and everything is good and is going on well with us. We admire the beauty

Though we find difficult in the beginning since everything seems strange to us but now we are acquaintance with things and people etc.

We are happy that we get opportunities to go to the college in Nagpur; it’s a blessing to go the college to meet so many friends, teachers as they are so good towards us, showing their care and concern. We are we enjoying our college life here. On the teacher’s is another joyful occasion and a memorable one.

Prayer life is more interesting thing. Our daily schedule is tight we have no time to waste time for useless  talk  at time not even game as we are tight up with the Unit test .Our main aim is to focus  the attention on study for the glory of God .


Voices of the Arts Student Pre-Postulants , Hislop College, Nagpur

We, Aruna Jyoti, Mina and Rejina are happy to share our experience in Nagpur. We are happy to be in this different atmosphere, we are comfortable with this environment and people in Nagpur. We meet so many good friends in the College including the pre-postulants of the Charity sisters. We also have people from French and America. They also speak to us and are friendly with us .

We leave for the College at 7am and return back by 1: 30 pm but while returning we experience heat and tiresome and another difficult thing is to cross the Road since the people of Nagpur do not follow the traffic rules. By now we are accustomed to this kind of life over here so we are finding it easier and are happier. We are in fact enjoying our college life, many programmess are been organized in the College like self awareness, talents show etc.

We find teachers are generous and kind enough towards us .They are teaching us well, clarify our doubts they explain to us in both the languages in Hindi and English. In the College we speak in Hindi

since the majority speak the language .

Everything is going on well and we are trying our Level best to do well in our studies. Do keep us in your prayer as we will do the same for you all in our prayer .

Degree course in Dance

My Study Experience in Varanasi this past year

At the Nava Sadhana Kala Kendra, the college of Dance and music , the days goes with singing, dancing and also a bit of study.

As I am completing my second year in the Degree course,  I would like to share few things about dance. As we look back to our culture, we find that dance and music played very important role in worship. We can say it has been one of the forms of worship.  Classical Dance, which I learn always explains about the longings of Jeevathma which wants to be united with Paramathma. In other  words, the human soul which wants to be united with the Divine.  So I feel it is a spiritual journey that each one makes in learning our own culture and art.

Dance Troupe in RajasthanThis academic year (June 2011- March 2012) was marked with Special events like the National CHAI meeting and my dance troupe’s travel to Rajasthan. I was happy to be one among them who all were selected for this troupe. Many appreciated the dance dramas which we played over there like Prodigal son, Ten Virgins, and the Last Judgement.

Dear Sisters, thank you for your prayerful support. Now I am going to start my final year, so please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Sr Silviya (closest in view) in action with her dance troupe visit Rajasthan

Sr Silviya