I experience God’s active, living presence, leading hands and healing touch in every moment. He lives in me, in my belief, in my heart’s desire, in my thoughts, in my words and in my actions. One of the proofs of it I can say, when my mother was at the point of death, and I said to Jesus,‘ Lord I trust in you and I believe that you will let me see my mother being alive  because you always fulfilled my  heart’s desire  ever sincroveinaie I was very young and if you  wish you can make her well again too. It was his will that my mummy is now completely healed and he will give her a long, long life I believe.

 I was told that she has a very high fevour, infection in the blood, liver and kidneys, swelling of  the heart and the C.T. scan report showed that she has a brain stroke. I was told that doctors have no much hope for her. When I reached the hospital where she was I told her and I asked,  mummy  I am neither a doctor nor a nurse I do not now what you  are going through but I brought Jesus for you and so, do you believe that Jesus will heal you? I understood from her gesture saying yes, and that whole night she slept peacefully, she did not disturb anyone of us. While we were awaiting the vacancy to admit her in the ICCU.

 The very next day of my arrival I called a priest in bishop’s house and informed the condition of my mother, the priest came to the hospital by Jeep within 20 minutes and prayed over her. I saw her much better than the previous day, the following day Priest came with another four priests and prayed over her; meanwhile, my congregation’s sisters were calling from different communities enquiring her condition and also from abroad assuring their support of prayer. The condition of my mother was brighter and brighter day by day. On the third day the assistant Parish priest of Don Bosco Imphal Chingmeirong came to say mass and gave her communion. You believed or not, on the fourth day she began to walk little by little.

 The senior most Doctor on his daily visit to my mum. Kept on telling me that it is a miracle that she is getting alright fast and he says, “to diagnosed such kind of illness takes not less than 18-20 days, for she has so many complications of sicknesses. On the 11th day she was discharged from the hospital. Surprisingly when we took her for MRI test after she had received the Holy Communion, the report was cleared that she has no brain stroked. Thank you Jesus for your love and compassion on her. She is now healed by Jesus physically and spiritually, quite well, doing her normal work, she can eat everything.

  She is also transformed in the sense; her view on religious life is completely changed into positive. She thought that I would not be sent even for her funeral that’s why she always used to object me joining in the convent. I was sent to see her before some of my brothers and a sister who are far away from home. When she came home and getting much better I heard her telling others to send their daughters to the convent, convincing them that sisters would pray for them and they could take good care of their parents at the time of their severe illness etc…

 God works in ways that we cannot see and understand, His ways are so wonderful. I experience God in every moment of my life, every event, every situation and every circumstances of my life. I am deeply grateful to the Trinitarian God, to Sr. Ancy John, Sr. Matilda and councilors,               to Sr. Rosaria and community, and to all my sister of the province for your concern and support of prayer and everything. Thank you and God bless you all.

With deep Gratitude

                                                                                      Sr. Rose.Roveinai DSP



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