CHAI Celebrates  its 70th birthday on 29 July

CHAI is a charitable, voluntary, non-profit Catholic Christian organization working for the promotion of physical, psychological, social and spiritual health of all people irrespective of caste, creed and sex, rendering service, education and research.

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Logo for the 70th anniversary of CHAI
Prepared by Sr Helen Albuquerque fsp

The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) with its motto “Love of Christ Compels usis completing 7o years of its service to the Nation. It is one of the world’s largest non-governmental organization in the health sector. CHAI upholds its commitment to bring health for all. Founded in 1943 by Sr. Mary Glowrey, an Australian sister-doctor, CHAI  is today one of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Adopting Community Health as its focus, CHAI has been successfully implementing community health interventions throughout India. CHAI has an expansive base of over 3,410 Member Institutions (MIs) including 484 large hospitals, more than 2000 medium as well as small hospitals and health centres, 121diocesan social service societies, 27 Nursing schools and 52 Leprosy centers. CHAI’s massive network comprises 11 Regional Units, 1000 sister-doctors, 25,000 sister-nurses and 10,000 plus para- professionals who effectively render succor and support to the needy and the poor.

Vision : Commitment to bring ‘health for all’. It views health as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of sickness. People are assured of clean air, water and environment, they do not suffer from any preventable disease, are able to manage their health needs, are able to control the forces which cause ill health,  enjoy dignity and equality and are partners in decisions that affect them, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic status, and respect human life and hold and nurture it to grow into its fullness.

Mission :  In order to realize the vision, CHAI endeavours to Promote COMMUNITY HEALTH, understood as a process of enabling the people, especially the poor and the marginalized, to be collectively responsible to attain and maintain their health and demand health as a right, and ensure availability of health care of reasonable quality at reasonable cost. Control communicable diseases as they cause a huge public health burden as well as take a heavy toll of  human life in the country; Provide relief to disaster victims in the country and bring the affected to normal level of functioning. Ensure relief and rehabilitation to persons with disabilities.

Goal: “Together We Create  a Healthy World!

Goal: “Together We Create  a Healthy W


You’ve Got to face Life… respond to it

joyce0002Every great story, every hero, every inspiring moment is born out of adversity and perseverance. Conflicts and battles are the stuff of myth and legend, and we love these stories because, we can relate to them. Our personal and work lives are filled with mini-versions of this type of drama: Pushing through; overcoming obstacles.
Fighting: I am not talking about fighting in a vicious, mean way, but rather in a way that says, “I am responsible for myself. No one else can do it for me.”
Let us think of our lives as epic battles. There are those who will roll up their sleeves and take it head on. Others find themselves caught in the middle with no choice but to stand up for themselves. Then there are those who observe life happening all around them, choosing to shrink back in fear, always remaining spectators or are just happy watching the fun and following the sheep fold in order to remain secure.
Every time I faced a transition in life, some sort of struggle invariably followed. At certain points, I became uneasy, unsettled, like the bottom was going to fall out and my life was about to roll out in scattered pieces onto the floor. During these times, a part of me always wanted to run to the comfort and familiarity of negative thinking – ‘catastrophizing’ the future, convincing myself of the worst possible scenarios as they played out in my head.
It’s okay to indulge in the downward spiral – for a time. For a spell. Perhaps that part is necessary for survival, as if it were the pre-phase of fighting through; a strict requirement necessary for coming to grips with the reality of the situation. But once you’ve sufficiently festered in the mire, it’s time to get a grip, and get going.
Here is where you must be prepared to fight. Some of us may not sit well with the idea of a good fight. However, anything worthwhile, anything good and true, whether for yourself or for the greater world around you, is going to involve a slugfest of sorts. Growth and progress do not happen by chance or by accident, whether it is your career, your health, or your mission. Even when you have a plan – a good plan! It will take a great deal of determination and unpleasant effort to move it forward. You will run into resistance. You will have multiple setbacks.
There will be strong, intimidating forces whose shadows loom large over you. The voices in your head will make you crazy. But know this: Every great leader grows through adversity and persistence. Stephen Snyder, author of “Leadership and the Art of Struggle,” says this: “A leader with a growth mind-set is consciously aware that ability is not innate and unchangeable but instead a malleable quality that can continuously be augmented through practice and persistence…You seek out new learning opportunities by pursuing challenging assignments instead of taking safer and easier routes.”
In other words, you are not stuck unless you choose to be.
If you’re not facing or responding to something, you’re not growing. Playing it safe is never a path to growth or fulfillment, to finding your true potential. The question, then, becomes this: what is going on deep within your soul? What kind of convictions have you gathered? What are you made of way down there? Lift up your head and take a good look at the ominous darkness staring you down. Will you crumble, or face it? The answer is: face it! Face it, with all you’ve got. Draw strength from God and trust Him for the outcome. Believe it or not, He’s given you this opportunity in the first place.

BTh completed at JDV

The three years of being away from the community was a long time indeed, but at the same time these years went by so fast that I hardly realize that my studies are over.

My time spent at JnanaDeepa-Vidyapeeth, Pune has been very educative and formative dorothyfor me, indeed a wonderful time of learning. The subjects taught during the years have opened my eyes and broadened my outlook towards everything—scripture, religion, culture, many other things and life itself. Moreover, my personal involvement in the subjects taught in the class rooms as well as other non-formal activities has contributed to my growth as a person and as a Pauline religious. 

I am very grateful to the province for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do my B.Th. Though it was challenging in many ways it has its own reward. Now that I am back in the community, I am really glad to insert myself in the activities where I can integrate my learnings. The absence from the active mission life has made me appreciate the apostolate even more and I am eager to recommit myself to this beautiful apostolate in every way possible.

‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel’ Is 52:7, has become more significant and sweeter.


Dorothy Adaha,fsp


Memory of my short journey in India 16 Jan. – 20July 2013

My long awaited day for a renewal was dawned at last and I reached Rishivana, the renewal centre at Mangalore, on the 2nd of June 2013. What a beauty of God’s creation!  The panoramic beauty, the quietness, the waters of Netravati running by, the small little islands and the beautiful greenery around all adds to the beauty of Rishivana. Every evening I used to go to the terrace and sit still switching off to my thoughts, to drink in from the ocean of God’s love as Fr. John, the director of the Ashram puts it.

Rose-photoAs I sat and watched, I saw from far little boats of fishermen moving slowly and majestically and I heard the sounds of water flowing and the rain drops falling. I could hear the chirping of the birds, the colorful butterflies around and the beautiful flowers that dance in the gentle breeze. Everything so alive yet so quiet.  The words of psalm 8resounds in my ear “how great is the Lord….”How good is the Lord and how great is He who created them all in harmony. I felt and experienced the greatness of His love, of His loving presence in all His creation.

The stillness of the place and the beauty of nature around helped me to empty myself and to get into the inner silence.  I loved justto  feel and experience only His presence and the ocean of Divine love as in the words of the  psalmist “Be still and know that I am God”.It is an experience of coming home to your inner self at the core of ones  being. The senses of the body and those of the mind cannot mediate God. So we need to withdrawourselves and get into deep silence detaching ourselves from all that is dear and pleasing.

One of the many ways to get into deep silence is constant reflection of the name of Jesus. It happens that our mind dwells on the past painful events or on the future possible fearful events that can happen producing lots of fear, anger and self pity and this in turn shapes our behavior. Repeating thename of Jesus makes the mind to come back to His presence here and now. If we can develop this practice of holding on the thought of Jesus in our minds and hearts then we too can say with St. Paul “It’s no longer …..but Jesus who lives in me” (Gal2:20). Inorder to come to this stage of contemplative prayer we need to purify our minds and hearts of all its attachments and negative thoughts and begin to take delight in the Lord alone. This brings about inner bliss and inner peace, joy and contentment that nothing else can give. As a result one is able to see Christ in all being and develops a deep love and compassion for all and comes forward to serve others as an expression of one’s love for God. Fr. John says “there is no detachment without attachment”.

I was very much attached to my mother. A week ago, my mother died. The feeling of loss is unbearably intense.The sudden death of my mother was shocking news for me.  It all happened just two days after my departure from home andeven before I reached Kurla Station came the sad  news of herpassing away. She passedaway while saying the family prayer in the hands of my brother and sister-in-law she said goodbye kissing both of them and was fully conscious of everything. I thank the Lord that I had a chanceto be with my parents for some time.

I take this opportunity to thank each of you for all the prayers and special love expressed in different ways in past days.He has given me the strength to accept this great loss of my mother and to face it. I want to thank you for your calls, prayers and words of encouragement for strength during this time of bereavement.It is a God given chance for me to experience what it means to be detached even from the dear ones. Fr. John says that “attachments are indispensable to experience detachment”.

The Lord is asking me constantly to detach myself to all that is dear and near in order to attach myself to Him. Once again I am getting ready to leave India and the Indian province where I loved to be. It is really true that “man proposes and God disposes”.Once more I’ll say goodbye to each of you.  I really did enjoy my stay here India in these past months. I thank each of you for the love, special care, prayers and being close to me in different ways. I was so happy to see the progress and the hard work of all the sisters in the province.

 Once again I say good bye to each of you. I ask your special prayers for me and for the specific mission entrusted to me.Assure you of my prayers and love.

Sr. Rose Melkulangara FSP

The Corso (Sisters in preparation for Perpetual Vows) Speak

Good and unique experience always remains fresh in our minds and gives joy to our hearts and sentiments each time we recall and remember it. Here we want to share with you our experiences during our Corso in Rome. It was indeed a memorable experience and will keep refreshing our spiritual and apostolic life as a Daughter of St. Paul each time we think and remember it. We are really enriched by the course which was on different themes based on all levels of our Pauline life.It broadened our knowledge on our charism and our spirituality. The pilgrimage to different places of our origin especially to Alba touched the core of our hearts and gave rise to love: love for our Founder and Co-Foundress. Let us hear from each one’s experiences.
Graceful Moments
Being in Italy for few months in preparation for my perpetual profession was one of the great blessings of God in my life. It was an eye opener for me. Now I can say that I have discovered the hidden treasure of the Pauline Family. This hidden treasure is Jesus Master himself, The Way, The Truth and The Life.
This beautiful Charism and spirituality is given to us through our founder and father Bl. James Alberione who received this great gift in the form of great light. Accepting this great gift with gratefulness he invites all his daughters and sons to live this Charism with great love and enthusiasm. So during this period of intense prayer and preparation I discovered the meaning of our Pauline Spirituality. It means the intense living the life of Jesus Master and pass it on to the other.
Jesus is the Truth for my mind (thinking, reasoning). So it needs to be nourished everyday through reading the Word of God, the documents of the church etc. with great devotion and love and discover the meaning for myself and live my life in the presence of God. Jesus is the Way for my will. It needs to be strengthened everyday by invoking the Spirit of God. So that I may live and act as Jesus has revealed himself. Jesus is the Life for my heart. So it needs to be sanctified every moment in order to let Jesus to live in my heart, in this way my heart becomes the living temple and moving tabernacle of God himself.
I pray that I may be able to live this experience all through my life deeply. So that I can say like St. Paul, “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me”.
Sr Archana Lakra
Morning Dawn
I can never thank the Lord enough for the great opportunity to visit the city of Alba. This beautiful little town is very special to my heart, because at the heart of this city is our Pauline root where our congregation was conceived and was born, so too all of us the members of the Pauline Family. This is the place where a century back the Charism of the Pauline family was unveiled to our founder.
The Italian word “Alba” meaning in English the “morning dawn”, the time of sun rising with new vigour and great hope, dispelling the darkness of the night. The very name of the town itself makes me reflect personally. It has a great meaning for me. Through our Pauline family it was a real sun rising for the world, as it is born to dispel the darkness of the minds through our apostolate.
For me the visit to Alba was indeed a holy visit. It is no longer heard stories but I experienced it for myself being there seeing everything with my naked eyes with wonder and love. This visit took me back to 1915 and helped me reflect on the journey of faith our first members have done. So this pilgrimage has made me to fall in love with our Charism, our founder Blessed James Alberione and Co-Foundress Mother Thecla more.
I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to visit Alba and to learn many beautiful things especially through the example of our first members of the Pauline family. I pray to God through the intercession of our Pauline saints that our congregations may be blessed and we may be true Paulines like them.
Sr Archana Lakra

My Experience in Rome and as Corso
The experience began in the Holy City of Rome in Italy, the same city from which our founder sent Daughters of St. Paul as missionaries to grow and flourish in different nations and countries throughout the world. We spent one month in Rome, and then we were sent for 3 ½ months to different communities in the Italian Province to learn the language. We were warmly welcomed in all the communities. Indeed, the sisters had been waiting for our arrival and were happy to see young sisters.
It was truly a blessing for me to have the opportunity to stay in the community of Milano. Even though the sisters were all above 60 and 70 plus they were hard-working, active, joyous, and committed in the apostolate. Their total dedication and love for the mission inspired me and I also learned many other good things. They treated us as members of the community, and we received so much love, concern, and encouragement. They gave us extra care and looked after us very well. I appreciate their exemplary lives. My experience of visiting to the different communities was memorable. I was happy to see the sisters who have worked hard for the good of the congregation. I was inspired to see them though they are old now but still giving helping hand wherever it is needed.
I was happy being with the sisters who have lived with, seen, and experienced Founder and Co-Foundress, and we were happy to listen to their stories. I could see in them the joy of being Daughters of St. Paul. All these experiences made me to ask myself “who am I?” and “how am I?” and I have very good experiences and sweet memories.
I am grateful to God and the Congregation for giving me this opportunity of attending the Corso in Italy.It’s a great blessing for me to have all these different experiences. And as part of the Corso, we were able to visit many other places. My stay in Italy was an enriching experience; it has helped me to know various aspects of religious life and our Pauline Charism. As a whole coming to Rome gave me a unique experience. I am contented with the classes and I feel satisfied with the topics which were treated and those who came for the classes were well prepared. From every class there was something to learn. My Corso in Rome gave me an enriching experience and opportunities for my spiritual and personal growth. It has helped me to grow in the Pauline spirit and to know our Founder and Co-Foundress better. During these four months of Corso I have deepened my relationship with the Lord and grow in my vocation to religious life.
I am grateful to God and our Mother General and the councilors and my province for giving me many opportunities especially to make my Corso in Rome. And besides the course we were able to visit many other places, especially we were there to see the new Pope, and other ecclesial events. My stay in Italy was an enriching experience and I gained a lot for my life. All these experiences are God’s blessings for me and I thank God for the gift of my vocation to the Daughters of St. Paul. This period of Corso which was conducted in an international level has helped me to appreciate the different cultures and see the beauty of each culture. It was also an opportunity to widen my mind and heart to know the world and to know one another from different parts of the world. It creates in me a universal heart.
Sr.Ansila Dungdung
Thank You
I am really grateful to God and to the Congregation for this big gift in my life. My every experience in Rome during the course has its own color and taste. Our short stay in different communities for learning the language was full of inspirations for me. The commitments and the love of the sisters for the apostolate were amazing. I can see St Paul alive in them.
Our teachers during the course were not just “a teacher” who only imparted their knowledge to us but they were great inspirers to us as they all share with us something that is ‘in’ them, their faith, their experiences, and their love to be a Pauline. I see in them a real and a true ‘Paulineness’. Even among ourselves our daily talks at the table or on a walk were always on the topic of the classes which we were having or on our anxieties for our mission and how we carry out in our own country and the challenges that we are facing etc.Our interactions among ourselves were indeed an insight and inspiration to one another. I have realized how deep is our spirituality and how spiritual is our apostolate. I felt we are indebted to the richness of our Charism. I was also touched by some of our sisters who really feel that we must share our Charism with others.
Our Pilgrimages to our original places are unforgettable. They were not just beautiful but inspiring and a heartfelt experience. I experienced a deep joy and happiness within me especially when we were at our Mother Thecla’s house and Bl. James Alberione’s house; I felt the vibration of sacredness in the whole campus. I did pray for all of you dear sisters. I am really content and happy with the course we had in Rome. Once again thank you dear SrAncy and Team and to you all dear sisters for this opportunity and your prayers. May God bless all of us through the intercessions of Mother Thecla and Bl. James Alberione.
Sr. Naomi Ngade

Unforgettable experience

I am grateful to God and the congregation for all the opportunities and the chances given to me during my formative journey. And it was indeed a great privilege, gift and blessing to have the Corso in Rome, our Congregation’s Mother land and with the international group. My heart filled with joy and gratitude when I recalled back the months that I had spent in this land. Indeed I had a very beautiful and enriching experience during our Corso in Rome. I felt that every day was something very unique and special and the different classes on different topics had doubled this unique experience. As a whole everything that was happened and programmed for us has helped me to enter into deep relationship and experience of God. It also created within me the love for our Mother Thecla, Bl. James Alberione, our Charism and the deeper understanding of our spirituality. To point out some of them:
 The visit to Alba our origin has touched the core of my heart, knowing the love that our Founder and Co-Foundress had for Jesus and the faith and trust in the grace and providence of God. I say to myself ‘I am just an instrument in the hand of God, if I do not allow Him to use me for His proclamation of His message, my life will have no meaning’. This visit has inspired me a lot to give myself fully and generously and with total dedication for the mission.
 The retreat on “DonecFormetur” inspired me to put to death my old nature of sin and to put on the new nature which is Christ himself and to let him live, think, work and love in me until I am transformed into His image.
God’s Miracle
I thank God and the Congregation for the opportunity that was given me, to go to Rome for the preparation of my final vows. For me it was a miracle in spite of the problems I faced with the passport. It was a grace-filled period which has made me to grow in my spiritual life and to know the beauty of the Pauline Charism.
I have lived those periods with lots of gratitude especially to God. In his great love He chose me to be his own. He gave me that opportunity through the Congregation so that I can grow and know his will for me. I also lived in an attitude of great openness and in a spirit of responsibility to learn from all aspects of Pauline life, the classes and studiosita.
It was very helpful for me to have the course for final vows there in Italy with an international group. Since we were from different nations and backgrounds, it has helped me to grow in the spirit of universality.
The visit to Alba the birth place of our congregation was very enriching. I was able to understand well how God raised our Pauline charism from a very simple and difficult background. I really felt that God has been with our Congregation from the beginning. This gave me a lot of courage. It also reminded me to trust in God always.
I thank Sr Ancy and her team for their prayer, concern and support. I also thank each sister of the communities who prayed for me and helped me to get my passport. May God bless each one of you.
Sr.Ranjita Kachua

Until Christ be Formed in You

We the 20 young and vibrant Paulines preparing to commit ourselves totally to the Divine Master made an eight days of retreat with the theme, “Until Christ be formed in you” guided by Rev Fr Guidossp.
We began our retreat with Col 3.1ff, an apt reading that introduced us to the theme of the retreat, “Far morire l’uomo vecchio e far vivere Gesu in noi” and reflect on who we are and where we want to reach and the ways and means to reach the goal (the project of life). The whole retreat was in fact a journey into oneself and to deepen our relationship with the Holy Trinity.
Our retreat master distributed the days accordingly to the three persons of the Trinity; the first day was to pray to the Holy Trinity and to enter into the retreat. The following two days were for God the Father (Glory to the Father), reflection on the Father helped us to understand in a deeper way God as a loving father, the creator and a father who waits for the return of his prodigal children. We were indeed fortunate to experience this mercy of the Father though the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The following three days were dedicated to the Son (Glory to the Son), these days helped us to find the treasure (Jesus) in our lives and be ready to sell everything in order to make this treasure our own. As we continued our reflection we had a day of fast and the vigil with the Eucharistic Master. The vigil was very special as we were told to listen to Jesus speaking to us and never to leave the chapel without a message from Him. The last two days were the days of intense spiritual work as we with the grace and prayer to the Holy Spirit prepared our project of life which was offered to Jesus during the thanksgiving mass on the last day and which came to us back blessed.
The retreat was indeed a unique experience, the days of grace and blessing for each one of us, days that will ever be cherished in our lives. It was not only a retreat to prepare for our perpetual profession but a retreat to prepare us to face life as media apostles. We have learned that we are to nourish ourselves with Christ who is the source of our being at his school in prayer, that prayer is the only way to face life with its challenges. We pray that this experience will always be our source of strength and energy as we say our total ‘yes’ to Him.
Sr Mary Suba
Faith in God
I would like to share some of my experiences which I had during the intense period of my Corso in Rome. First of all I thank God for the gift of our Founder Bl. James Alberione and Co-Foundress Mother TheclaMerlo for their deep faith in God which also helped me to grow in holiness and follow their example in my day today life.The different classes helped me to know more about the beginning of our congregation and new mission in the church which I was unaware.

I really felt the presence of our Founder and Co-Foundress when we visited the holy places of their birth and where they were baptised. I had a very deep experience and I became aware of their greatness of their holiness and deep faith in God. As a whole I can say that I have learned many new things and it has widened my knowledge in carrying out our apostolate in different ways. I thank all of you dear sisters for your prayers.

Sr Sumitra Parmar

Thank you dear Sr. Ancy John, our provincial and Team and all the Sisters of the province,for this great privilege and opportunity you have given us.We are grateful for your constant support and prayers during our Corso in Rome.

Internet Safety Tips – Ensuring Online Safety for Your Family

From the session “Internet Safety Tips”, given by Sr Joeyanna D’Souza as shared by Mr George Fernandes, Pauline co-operator, Ahmedabad.

First educate yourself, then your chiAhmedabad Coop.ld.

Banning a child from certain sites may only motivate them to spend more time on them, whereas educating your child on how to keep safe will give them the tools they need to navigate their online world without being hurt; from not posting personal information to a site to understanding that people they are talking to may not actually be who they are. If the parents know the dangers themselves, this sets an example to the child to understand them as well.

Teach children the obvious identity rules.

Tell your children to avoid putting of themselves on the Internet or to give out their names, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information online.

Install an Internet filter or family safety software.

Family safety software is becoming extremely advanced and an effective way to filter dangerous content. Additionally, this software usually comes with tools like time management, remote monitoring and reporting, and keystroke recognition, giving families greater peace of mind and manageability.

Know the dangers associated with sites your children frequent.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whether it’s MySpace, Facebook or another social networking site, by knowing what people are doing on your children’s favorite sites that could put them in harm’s way, parents can educate their children and show them the warning signs of potentially dangerous situations.

Teach children what to do if they encounter pornography on a home or public computer, such as at a school or a library.

In a similar fashion to the fire warning of “stop, drop and roll,” you can teach children to quickly turn off power to the computer monitor and go to get an adult. This can prevent a child from attempting to stop the situation by clicking more buttons (and thereby spreading the attack and being exposed to more porn).

Manage your children’s time on the Internet.

Scheduling times when a child can be on the Internet and the amount they can be online ensures that you know when they are on the Internet and how long. By not allowing them to have free reign reduces their chances of being exposed to inappropriate content.

Set specific Internet guidelines for your children to live by and consistently enforce consequences, if they are not being followed.

Giving your children specific guidelines to follow will ensure they know where they stand when it comes to how they use the Internet as well as the consequences when they breach the rules. If a parent enforces consequences consistently, their children will be more likely to follow the rules.

Keep computers out of children’s bedrooms and in open areas.

With PCs in the open, children will be less inclined to view and access material that may not be acceptable.

Create a relationship with your child that is conducive to open communication.

Open communication and trust is extremely valuable. By letting children know what is expected from them and that their safety is a top priority, they will feel that if something happens –whether they are approached by a cyber stranger or bully or receive an inappropriate e-mail – they can approach a parent to resolve the issue without feeling they are in trouble.

Understand Internet Privacy Policies as they apply to your child.

What Parents Should Do:

Look for a privacy policy on any website directed to children.

The policy must be available through a link on the website’s homepage and at each area where personal information is collected from kids. Websites for general audiences that have a children’s section must post the notice on the homepages of the section for kids.

Read the policy closely to learn the kinds of personal information being collected, how it will be used, and whether it will be passed on to third parties. If you find a website that doesn’t post basic protections for children’s personal information, ask for details about their information collection practices.