Sr Antonette Jesumani’s musings, from Rome…

 Loving greetings from Rome, the land of our origin. I am happy to meet you all through this letter. It is the 8th month that I am here in Rome and it is really a long time to write my first letter to you. It is not that I do not remember you all. It is rather I remember very often and it is really bad to tell that after this very long time. But better late than never.

 There are many reasons why I was silent, first and for most I came here with mixed feelings and though I said yes and accepted to come here and study, I had my own fears about many things, one of the things is my study itself but now I have finished one semester already and everything went well and am confident now that with God’s help I can make it and do it well.

 As you all know I am here to continue my theology studies, but I had to complete some courses which I have done 20 years back in Nagpur before taking any specialization. These past months I experienced the Lord at every step of the way – great and small. How true it is that He really is with the chosen ones.

 It is not very easy to take up the study after a long gap and that too in a foreign land, but the grace of God and the Love for the apostolate gave me the courage to take it up as a challenge, amidst many things. I am very grateful for this opportunity to study after a long gap in view of giving myself in the Apostolate little more effectively and professionally.

 It is also not only study, but I am experiencing and growing in many ways as a Pauline, living in an international community and closer to the founders place etc. God has put many and wonderful people in my way and I am learning from all of them. Also I consider it as a responsibility to do well in my learning from everything.

 Believing comes from the very depths of who we are. Believing is not rooted in what we know in our heads, but in what we have embraced with our hearts. Being far away from home and dear ones, I have more chances to experience Him and Him alone in the depths of my being and grow closer to him and also discover the beauty of living with the sisters from other nations.

 All this is possible because of the generosity of the Sr Antonieta and the General Government and Sr. Ancy and team and each of you sisters and I am grateful to one and all for your encouragement and support. Initial months were not very easy, but they all helped me to grow. I am grateful to the community of Nagpur who took trouble to send the papers on time from Nagpur seminary and for the community of Trichy, my last community before coming here and to the sisters of Bandra who send me off and to you my dear sisters. Thank you for your love and encouragement and support.

 I always remember each of you in my prayers, especially whenever I visit new churches and our founders’ places and during the last blessings of Pope Benedict XVI. I remembered specially our senior sisters and sisters who are sick and who are looking after them. At present, my way of being grateful to you is by giving my best in my studies and I want give also in the Apostolate for God, our province and for the congregation for His greater glory.

 I count on your support; please continue to pray for me. I look forward to meeting the sisters who are coming for the charism Tour. Most Welcome dear sisters.

The greatest treasures in life begin with God’s abundant goodness in giving us the gift of a Saviour. HAPPY EASTER!


Sr. Antonette Jesumani, Rome


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