Marian Week – Formation Group

All the formation groups functioning together formed a CART. The formators have done the good job of dividing the formees into four groups—naming them after the four wheels; piety, poverty, study and apostolate. Each group has its own responsibilities, functions and jobs to fulfil. Accordingly the Piety Wheel organized “Marian Week Talent Contest” from 1st September to the 8th. The aim of the competition was to increase our love and devotion to Mary our mother.

On August 31st was the contest of making Birthday Cards for Mother Mary; September 1st was the competition on composing the prayer to her; 2nd was the solo singing on devotional songs dedicated to Mary; 3rd was the speech competition on any virtue of Mary; 4th was the Marian Quiz; 5th was the essay writing on the role of Mary in our lives; 6th was a skit competition based on any gospel passage based on Mary; 7th day was the solo dance on any devotional songs on Mary. The winners were applauded by the awarding of the prizes on the 16th of September.  It was supposed to be on the 8th but due to Bandra Fair it was postponed.

The competitions were the best opportunity to learn more about Mother Mary, and at the same time increased of our love and devotion to her. It was a chance to discover and to make use of our talents and gifts. The Piety group learned to organize and take leadership in conducting programmes and to encourage our younger sisters, the aspirants. We are grateful to God for blessing us with the variety of gifts and talents.

Our gratitude goes to our formators Srs. Shalini, Meera, Rita and Vimala who were available day and night and to do the needful. IT would not have been possible without their support and encouragement. We are grateful to all the sisters of the community of Bandra especially for the judges.

Anne Maria, Novice, Mumbai


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