Voices from Commerce Students, Hislop College

We Aruna Paula ,Nayami,Mini and Rubi are glad to share our experiences here in Nagpur .Hilop college is very big ,it says that there are 5ooo students in our college .It is half an hour walk from our convent we have to cross five signals on the way there. It is a good exercise for all of us and we are happy to be in this college .In the beginning of our college we were frighten to see amount of students around the campus but in the class we feel lonely since we know no one, everyone seems to be strangers to us. We also find difficult for the subjects to understand the lecturers in the class.

But by now we get to know so many friends and also getting used to the lecturers began to understand our lessons  better and happier .We are sure you all prayed for us will continue to pray for us as we will do the same for you dear sisters. Nagpur is a beautiful place and with so many loving and caring people especially the sisters in our community are very loving caring,understanding.They love us so much especially Sr. Roveinai who is working so hard for us as a mother ,always thinking about our study, for our good health and she takes care of us very well .

We have garden around our convent with flowers, fruit tree, vegetables, amount of squirrels  joyfully rooming all over the garden. It is very interesting to live not only with good people but also with good environment that add to the joy of our daily living.


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