Marian Week – Formation Group

All the formation groups functioning together formed a CART. The formators have done the good job of dividing the formees into four groups—naming them after the four wheels; piety, poverty, study and apostolate. Each group has its own responsibilities, functions and jobs to fulfil. Accordingly the Piety Wheel organized “Marian Week Talent Contest” from 1st September to the 8th. The aim of the competition was to increase our love and devotion to Mary our mother.

On August 31st was the contest of making Birthday Cards for Mother Mary; September 1st was the competition on composing the prayer to her; 2nd was the solo singing on devotional songs dedicated to Mary; 3rd was the speech competition on any virtue of Mary; 4th was the Marian Quiz; 5th was the essay writing on the role of Mary in our lives; 6th was a skit competition based on any gospel passage based on Mary; 7th day was the solo dance on any devotional songs on Mary. The winners were applauded by the awarding of the prizes on the 16th of September.  It was supposed to be on the 8th but due to Bandra Fair it was postponed.

The competitions were the best opportunity to learn more about Mother Mary, and at the same time increased of our love and devotion to her. It was a chance to discover and to make use of our talents and gifts. The Piety group learned to organize and take leadership in conducting programmes and to encourage our younger sisters, the aspirants. We are grateful to God for blessing us with the variety of gifts and talents.

Our gratitude goes to our formators Srs. Shalini, Meera, Rita and Vimala who were available day and night and to do the needful. IT would not have been possible without their support and encouragement. We are grateful to all the sisters of the community of Bandra especially for the judges.

Anne Maria, Novice, Mumbai


Prison Ministry in Guwahati – Sr Lissy M

Some years ago I visited a juvenile  home in Mumbai. It was the first time I got to know the sorrow of the children in a secluded home. “Sister, please take me and my brother from here,”  Lilly,  an eight –year old pleaded with me. I put her in touch with Sr Rosita Gomes with who I had gone to visit these children.

Once again I accompanied Sr Rosita with another one of our sisters to the Bandra jail. We had the celebration of the Eucharist in the prison compound while all of them participated from behind the bars. After the mass we served them tea and snacks.

This was all done because I needed to do feature on Sr Rosita Gomes, a retired principal of Mount Mary sisters who was fully involved in Prison Ministry.

A few years later, while in Goa, I listened to one of the Founders  of the Prison Ministry, India. The priest explained  how they started the ministry, and how it grew to the present day institution. He made us promise that we would something for the brethren behind the bars including prayer. I forgot much of it.

Again I came across Prison Ministry while in Trivandurm when I was asked to do a script

For  the Christmas story. The script done and play organized, I could not watch it  played in the Central Jail in Trivandrum, as there was a restriction of the number of entry.


God has his own way of opening up doors and windows to possibilities. The opportunity  smiled at me when the CRI Guwahati requested volunteers from every religious community for Prison Ministry in the Central Jail.

We the volunteers of Prison Ministry, India, visited the Jail 4 to 5 times a week in turn. There were over 900 persons including men, women and children, at any given moment.

Most of  us made use of our free time like Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It was not always easy to go for the ministry on Saturday as most of had  half day  of work. But we did it with joy. Because our tiredness was nothing compared to the joy we met on their faces. In such moments tiredness vanishes, love blossoms. It is the heart that controls, the body obeys. It meant giving up our own comforts and taking up some inconveniences.

The time allotted to us was 2-5 p.m. It was the time they were freed from their cells.

They would tell us  “Now we know their is someone for us.” “ You bring us joy.” “Please pray with us.”

We showed them films, prayed with and played games with them.We taught them flower making and bag making. Their products were  sold in our parish  and in other institutions. The jail authorities fully supported our activities.  They have even promised us to find market for their products.

During the year we celebrated  various festivals: Christams, Diwali, Bihu, Raksha bandhan. The celebrations were attended by both, Archbishop Thomas menamparampil and Archbsihop John Moolachira. We also organized a day of games and the winners were awarded  with prizes. The celebrations were also occasions for them to exhibit their talents.

Our greatest joy is when due to the efforts of Prison Ministry Volunteers the under trials

are released  after 12-15 years of their life in the prison.

Till April 2012 I too was a part of this ministry in my leisure hours. Now it is put on hold.

Lissy M., Guwahati


An Inspiring Seminar at St Joseph’s College Nagpur

We the students of Nagpur community were indeed privileged ones to be a part of the seminar held at St. Joseph convent hall on the 9th September 2012 with the candidates of St. Joseph and brothers of Pillars Institute of Philosophy, we were 70 in number.

The main objective of the seminar was to give a response to God’s call and personality development.

The session was conducted by Mr. Gerald D’souza alone, he very clearly explained to us about God’s call and how to respond to His call. He also explained to us the views of perception. How often,  we look but we do not really see what exactly it is in connection with the team game that we had played by the different groups. There is a saying, “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.”

Yes, we r


ealized th
t if there is  team work we can make every impossible thing possible, he explained to us everything so that we can grow in unity. We thank God for this opportunity and we also thank Sr. Roveinai for encouraging us to attend the Seminar and her effort of been part in organizing this Seminar.a

Our Gratitude to Provincial Sr.Ancy John and Team, too .

Glavine, Nilima and Sangeeta

St. Ursula Students Nagpur

Voices from the Student Pre-Postulants, St Joseph’s , Nagpur

 “Experience is a child of thought and thought is a child of action.”

We the students of St. Joseph College B’ Block West Facing ,Balarina Joyly and Venci are glad to share with you all on our experiences in Nagpur. As we have come to Nagpur we are experiencing the openness and friendliness of our sisters here. They are caring, encouraging and guiding us to do well in every aspects and especially our Mistress who takes responsibility for us, she is always by our side, she leads us like a guiding star, and everything is good and is going on well with us. We admire the beauty

Though we find difficult in the beginning since everything seems strange to us but now we are acquaintance with things and people etc.

We are happy that we get opportunities to go to the college in Nagpur; it’s a blessing to go the college to meet so many friends, teachers as they are so good towards us, showing their care and concern. We are we enjoying our college life here. On the teacher’s is another joyful occasion and a memorable one.

Prayer life is more interesting thing. Our daily schedule is tight we have no time to waste time for useless  talk  at time not even game as we are tight up with the Unit test .Our main aim is to focus  the attention on study for the glory of God .


Voices of the Arts Student Pre-Postulants , Hislop College, Nagpur

We, Aruna Jyoti, Mina and Rejina are happy to share our experience in Nagpur. We are happy to be in this different atmosphere, we are comfortable with this environment and people in Nagpur. We meet so many good friends in the College including the pre-postulants of the Charity sisters. We also have people from French and America. They also speak to us and are friendly with us .

We leave for the College at 7am and return back by 1: 30 pm but while returning we experience heat and tiresome and another difficult thing is to cross the Road since the people of Nagpur do not follow the traffic rules. By now we are accustomed to this kind of life over here so we are finding it easier and are happier. We are in fact enjoying our college life, many programmess are been organized in the College like self awareness, talents show etc.

We find teachers are generous and kind enough towards us .They are teaching us well, clarify our doubts they explain to us in both the languages in Hindi and English. In the College we speak in Hindi

since the majority speak the language .

Everything is going on well and we are trying our Level best to do well in our studies. Do keep us in your prayer as we will do the same for you all in our prayer .

Voices from Commerce Students, Hislop College

We Aruna Paula ,Nayami,Mini and Rubi are glad to share our experiences here in Nagpur .Hilop college is very big ,it says that there are 5ooo students in our college .It is half an hour walk from our convent we have to cross five signals on the way there. It is a good exercise for all of us and we are happy to be in this college .In the beginning of our college we were frighten to see amount of students around the campus but in the class we feel lonely since we know no one, everyone seems to be strangers to us. We also find difficult for the subjects to understand the lecturers in the class.

But by now we get to know so many friends and also getting used to the lecturers began to understand our lessons  better and happier .We are sure you all prayed for us will continue to pray for us as we will do the same for you dear sisters. Nagpur is a beautiful place and with so many loving and caring people especially the sisters in our community are very loving caring,understanding.They love us so much especially Sr. Roveinai who is working so hard for us as a mother ,always thinking about our study, for our good health and she takes care of us very well .

We have garden around our convent with flowers, fruit tree, vegetables, amount of squirrels  joyfully rooming all over the garden. It is very interesting to live not only with good people but also with good environment that add to the joy of our daily living.