Corso 2012

The ‘Corso’ or the Course in Preparation for Perpetual Profession was organized in Rome this year from January 20th – May 20th  2012.  We were seven Indians among 25 other juniors coming from 14 nations.  For two months the English speaking juniors had  Italian classes at the Generalate by  an Italian teacher. After two months we were sent to the branch houses in twos or threes to continue the Italian lessons for another four months. The Spanish and French speaking juniors came directly to the branch houses. We also lent a helping hand in the household chores and in the book centres.

 We began the course at Tor San Lorenzo with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration and the introductory address by Sr. Antonieta Bruscato our Superior General. Apart from the daily classes, we had personal reflection, prayers, group discussions and presentations.  It was very enriching to share and exchange our community and apostolic experiences, our fears and challenges, hopes and aspirations with other Juniors of  our group from various parts of the world.  We had light moments of togetherness like the cultural night, the presentations of each of our respective delegation or province. This was very interesting and informative; it opened us to the realities of our congregation worldwide.

The pilgrimages to the different Churches and sacred places connected to the origins of our Congregation were faith experiences that strengthened our vocation. We have read and heard several times about all these places during our formation and seen pictures of it but being present there was altogether another story. The silent walls, the very environment of the places gave us a personal experience. I marvelled at what God had accomplished in and through our Founder Bl. James Alberione and the entire Pauline family. All the classes we had were interesting and helpful but what I found most inspiring were the personal testimonies given by five senior members from different congregations of the Pauline Family. They radiated simplicity, faith, joy and authenticity in all their persons and speech.

The retreat in preparation for the Final Profession was based on the “Donec Formetur  Christus in  Vobis” and was truly a unique one.

Recalling back the past months of preparation for the final profession, our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy. We thank Sr. Ancy and team for giving us the opportunity to make our ‘Corso’ in Rome.

Sr. Salome, Mumbai


In the arms of Mater Dei

Our stay in Mater Dei can be compared to a baby being formed in the mother’s womb for ten months. After being formed for ten months the child is prepared to see the world. Similarly after being prepared spiritually in the loving arms of the Mother of God for ten months we are being prepared to face life in a Theo-centric perspective. Life in Mater Dei was fun filled learning, deep interiorizing, hot group works, heart aching exams, light evening walks, relaxed weekends, joyful community living, challenge of our living together which made us think out of the box and led us slowly to face life with renewed vigour.

 The course was very enriching and it helped us to improve our personality and to build up a deep relationship with God and with one another. A wide exposure of the world of scripture, prayer and discernment, personality integration and classes on self awareness helped us to unfold our potentials, unite ourselves to Jesus, and explore our true self-image and to discover ourselves as unique persons with a unique world of experience. The study of the scripture indeed was an inner experience of deep encounter with the Lord. We were surprised at every moment of God’s incomprehensible ways which are a mystery not to be comprehended but to be lived and celebrated at every moment of our life and mission.

Discovering the depths of God’s love for us we continued to explore and experience from the daily classes: new way of being the church, human rights and justice, theological anthropology, social teachings etc. which gave us a different approach and outlook in exploring possibilities suited to our mission. Classes on human sexuality, religion and dialogue helped us to get in touch with the reality more and more. As we walked through increased zeal and fortitude knowing that the hand of the Lord is upon us the classes on Eucharistic challenges, sacraments, moral theology, re-imaging the vows stirred us to walk onward with souls on fire.

 All the classes as a whole helped us to broaden our vision and enabled us to think differently. It also helped us to celebrate the differences through God experience of one enriching the other. Besides our daily classes we got weekend exposure to slums, home for the aged and differently abled children’s homes and to be part of the novena to St. Francis Xavier.

 On the 23rd  of March we had a solemn thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rt. Rev. Philip Neri, Archbishop of Goa, and in his sermon he told us that we the IMD students were like Noah in the ark. Every Ark has its own challenges, storms, hardships and joys and that we are called to be happy religious in life. 

 Our sincere thanks to Sr. Ancy and team for giving us this golden opportunity. We specially thank Sr. Emily and the sisters of the community of Goa for all their help, support and encouragement. Thanks to the community of Mumbai and New Delhi for the support.

Srs. Suba and Ranjitha

Commitment to the Internet Apostolate

(The following is a draft prepared by the Juniors during the seminar on Internet)
Introduction: Today’s world is moving in accordance with the cyber culture. Networking has become the basic of our very existence. We the Catholic Church are compelled to read the signs of the times and to adopt a new way of life in accordance with new gifts secular world offers. It is egalitarian in the sense that anyone with the necessary equipments and modest technical skill can be an active presence in the cyber space declare his or her message to the world. Therefore, progress is a vital concern for the spreading of the kingdom of God. The Internet is the most recent communication and networking space for all, especially for the young. It is the fastest and in towns and cities most easily accessible means of communication which takes and gives information, views and contributes in building up of a better society. The internet consists of various social networking sites like Youtube, Facebook, Orkut , Twitter etc. , SMS and information, commercial sites.
However, we can be proud that the Catholic Church has given much consideration to the progressive means and that we have journeyed quite a lot, along with the fast moving world. Pope Pius XII in his encyclical Miranda Prorsus has aptly said that the Church sees the Media as a gift of God. Media, specially the internet can help us to propagate the kingdom values far and wide.
Glancing through the two documents on the Internet , viz. ‘Ethics and Internet’ and ‘Church and Internet’ we came to realize the challenges before us.
Opportunities and challenges:
– Communication in and by the church is essentially communication of the good news of Jesus Christ.
– It is prophetic.
– It is a liberating word to everyone.
– It is a testimony in the face of radical secularisation.
– To divine truth and to the transcendent destiny of all.
– It is a witness given in solidarity with all the suffering people again all kinds of injustice and victimization.
– It communicates effectively with people, especially with the young who are the people of this era.
– Need to feel the great responsibility to use these means for the proclamation of the Gospel.
– Be open to the new inventions and to use them.

1. Uses and Abuses of Internet Uses: It entertains, educates, informs, gives information, helps in building relationship, helps in business, saves time, helps in faster communication, and makes life more comfortable.
Abuses: Gambling, pornography, addiction, waste of time, pleasure, creates health disorders, makes people lazy etc.

2. Challenges faced by the Church:Church is slow in adapting / updating but recently has made progress.
– Need to feel the great responsibility to use this means for the proclamation of the Gospel.
– Be open to the new inventions & to use them.
– By creating new Christian sites and making people aware of the same.
– By giving pastoral counselling, spiritual direction and other helps to the faithful through the internet.
– By making available homilies, reflections and inspiring messages to the people.
– By creating prayer room and blogs alike.

5. Juniors’ Contribution:
– Take interest in learning the ABC of internet.
– Sharing information with the senior sisters about the internet.
– Try to enter into internet space and use it to proclaim the Gospel values.
– Create one’s own blog and share views and ideas with each other.
– Attract vocations through internet.
– Create network among the juniors of the province.
– To use the modern means of communication specially internet with responsibility and with the sense of mission.
– To be actively present in the social networking sites and to be a witnessing Gospel presence.
– To have a networking spirit among ourselves.
– To have a supportive interaction with the young people.

6. Province’s Thrust:Need to update the website.
– Launch into e-marketing, e-books etc

Drafted by the Juniors

From Sr Scholastica’s collection

"Sr Scholastica"I have called you…

(Sr Scholastica compares her life to biblical personalities)

Moses in the Cradle: Three months after my birth, my mother died. I was taken care of by my grandparents. God had a special plan for me.

Then Joseph was hated by his brothers: As I grew older, there were many who accepted me and few rejected me. Thus in  life  I grew stronger: to have a religious vocation, to be the first flower of the Daughters of St Paul, India

Jeremiah: I am just a child. God will put the words in my mouth, what I have to speak —  evangelization and spreading God’s Word.

Jonah: Three days in the belly of the fish. From 1976 to 2004, I was in the womb of sickness but did not reach the tomb. That’s God’s will for me.

Job: I was stripped from every side, but still kept my faith.

St Paul: By making Novena to St Paul, I joined the Daughters of St Paul.

Mary Our Mother: Reading the books on Our Lady gave me perseverance in the congregation.

Sr Scholastica

Theology Study at St. Charles Seminary, Nagpur

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and finally two years have passed being at St Charles Seminary, Nagpur. When we (Archana, Ansila, Naomi, Prescilla and Sumitra) heard that we are going to do our theology for two years, we had the mixed feelings of joy and excitement, anxiety and wonder. We were thinking of how these two years will be for us!

With great hope and courage we set out to the seminary to study. Now after our experience of two years of study we realize the value of learning and it was a time of blessing for us. Our experiences are beautiful and we learned many things. We were happy to attend the classes on scripture. We found it essential for our Pauline mission and life. We have grown in knowledge and love for the Word of God.

The classes on the Sacraments especially on the Eucharist have helped us to have the deeper understanding of the healing power of the Eucharist and its unending source of grace. Our faith has increased and our love for the person of Jesus is confirmed as we learned about it. We believe in the loving presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

The classes on Liturgy, Missiology, Mariology etc. enriched us. We felt, it was a time of spiritual formation. The life in the hostel, taking up some responsibility or the other helped us to be more responsible. The sisters of many congregations lived like one community. This place is also a pilgrim centre of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and lots of people come here to pray to our Blessed Mother.

We are grateful to Sr. Ancy and team for giving us this chance and all the sisters who made sacrifices and accompanied us during the time of our study. It was indeed a time of grace and blessing.

Sr. Archana, Mumbai